Used shipping containers

Cargo Worthy used shipping containers marked CW or CW/CSC means that the condition of the container is better than, for example, a discarded shipping container.

Used shipping containers CW classification means that container is watertight. Has functional doors, is structurally sound and meets the necessary safety standards. These sea containers should be in relatively good condition. And are usually suitable for transporting cargo without major concerns about the safety and integrity of the cargo. They are not leaky, they have a good floor, the container is able to carry cargo on international ships.

Used CW shipping containers meet the minimum safety and performance standards set by the International Conventions on the Safety of Containerized Cargo (CSC).

Used shipping containers Cargo Worthy
Used shipping containers Cargo Worthy

These containers have passed inspections and are deemed suitable for international shipping and have a valid CSC shipping label.

However, it is important to note that CW/CSC does not necessarily mean that the shipping container is in perfect condition.


Even if it meets minimum safety standards, CW containers may still show some signs of wear and may have minor aesthetic defects.

When you buy or rent used shipping containers with the CW designation, you can be sure that the container is in serviceable condition and suitable for international shipping and rail transport.

However, it is still important to check the container to match your specific needs and requirements.

Use of Cargo Worthy marked containers?

These containers can be used not only for transporting goods, but also for many other purposes.

Here are some examples:

Storage shipping containers

CW shipping containers can be used as temporary or permanent storage solutions. They are robust, waterproof and easy to move. Which allows them to be used to provide a safe and protected area for storing goods.

Container houses

Cargo Worthy used containers are often used for the construction of modular houses. The construction of houses or offices and other buildings. As they are made of solid material and have standard dimensions, they can be easily connected and adapted to the needs of the building.

These are just a few examples of how CW containers can be used in addition to transporting goods. The range of uses is limited only by human imagination… The solid construction of used Cargo Worthy shipping containers as well as their easy portability give a wide range of possibilities for creative use in many different industries.

This type of shipping container is bought especially in cases where the external appearance is not that important. But it is essential for the buyer that the container still has a valid certificate for further sea or rail transport.

Cargo Worthy – used shipping containers

Cargo Worthy Containers is a designation for used shipping containers that are approved for international cargo transportation. The term “Cargo Worthy” means that the containers meet the specifications and standards set for the safe transportation of goods by sea or road. These containers are usually verified and certified and are able to withstand the harsh conditions during transport.

Cargo Worthy containers are typically checked for structural integrity, impact resistance and possible weather resistance. They are usually tested for their ability to maintain strength and stability even in rough sea conditions. Due to this, they are considered suitable for transporting goods in international trade and business transactions.

Cargo Worthy – used shipping containers are often used for storing goods, transporting goods by ships and trucks and are considered a reliable and efficient means of logistics. They are available in various sizes and configurations and are usually marked with a special certification label confirming their approval for international transport.