Shipping container locks

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Shipping container locks are security devices used to secure doors inside a container. Their task is to protect the contents of the container from unauthorized access, theft or damage. There are several types of locks used on shipping containers:


The padlock is a basic lock that is used to lock and unlock the main locking system on the container door.

This type of shipping container lock is used to secure the container door. Also called a container padlock, padlock or course lock. It is usually located in the center of the double doors and is the basic security lock of the shipping container.

The padlock consists of a steel rod that is inserted into two holes on the container door and a lock that holds the mechanism. It is locked with a key.

Padlocks are easy to use, secure and resistant to manipulation. They are designed to provide sufficient protection against unauthorized opening of container doors and are often used to secure cargo during transport.

When using a padlock on a shipping container, it is important to choose a lock that meets a high standard of security and quality that meets international standards. You can find all these locks in our e-shop.

Shipping container locks
Shipping container locks

BUCKLE LOCKS for shipping containers

Latch locks are special locks that are placed on the latches of container doors. The keyhole lock is an integrated security mechanism that is used to lock the door and prevent its unauthorized opening. This is a better security system than a classic padlock.

These locks are made of solid steel and have sufficient strength and resistance to manipulation and burglary. They are part of the overall security of the container and serve as another layer of protection against unauthorized access or theft.

The security of the lock is especially crucial when you are storing valuable goods in the container. It is important to choose quality padlocks certified by international standards and to regularly check their condition and functionality.

Padlocks for shipping containers – the security lock recommended by us is the Lock for a shipping container with the designation HZK004.