One way shipping container

IICL 6 one way new shipping container is sea container usually new or almost new after one sea transport. Containers marked IICL 6 are of very good quality and in excellent condition. These containers have minimal signs of wear and damage, are mostly waterproof, clean and without major defects. IICL 6 shipping containers have a valid CSC shipping label and meet IICL’s strict standards and requirements for safety and functionality.

These shipping containers are often sought after for shipping container rental or sale as they give customers the assurance that they will receive a container in optimal and really good condition.

IICL 6 one way shipping containers are generally selected for sea freight where a high level of container integrity is required.

New shipping container one way IICL 6
New shipping container one way IICL 6

The number 6 in the IICL 6 designation of a shipping container refers to the degree of classification of the condition of the sea container. And is the standard for its evaluation. The abbreviation IICL stands for “Institute of International Container Lessors”. Which is an organization of international container lessors.


When you buy a one-way shipping container or rent an IICL 6 shipping container, you can be sure that the container is in very good condition and is also suitable for international shipping and rail transport.

It is important to note that container condition assessment can be done according to different standards and organizations. IICL is one of the most well-known and respected organizations in the field.

The IICL 6 shipping container marking is often taken as a sign of very good container quality.

IICL 6 one way shipping container

are used not only for sea transport, but are often used for these other purposes as well:

Storage shipping container

IICL 6 one-way shipping containers are often used to store more demanding types of goods. Such as, for example: mobile phones, iphones, bicycles, cars, televisions, clothes, or for example motorbikes. They are robust, waterproof and easy to move. This allows their use to provide a safe and protected space for storing goods that you want to be sure will not be damaged in any way.

House from a shipping container

A shipping container for housing is often built from IICL 6 shipping containers. Where the builder really wants to be sure of the high quality of the shipping container, which will not affect the further construction of the house.

Presentation and short-term storage

IICL 6 is also suitable for grander events such as weddings and other prestigious celebrations or presentations. Where not only a really good appearance of the container is required, but also the purpose for its use.

Sales stand

Thanks to their really nice appearance, the IICL 6 containers can also be used as art or design projects. They can be modified and converted into unusual and original designs. These can be, for example, exhibition spaces, artworks, mobile design studios, sales stands, trade stands, etc.

Fashion or business event

One-way shipping containers are also used for fashion or business events. For example, fashion shows or pop-up shops. They are easily customizable and can be modified for presentation and sale of goods.