We sell a discarded container 20' AS IS 5, HZKU 241 344-3

Czech Republic, Trebic
EUR 1 780 without VAT
EUR 2 154 including VAT


We will sell a discarded 20ft container which is a standard type of container used in sea shipping. Its condition is marked as AS IS, which means it is no longer suitable for international carriage of goods, but still provides a solid steel structure and protective packaging suitable for various alternative uses. This container, although no longer approved for sea transport, is still functional and can serve various purposes such as storage, conversion or other alternatives.

We are able to provide free shipping within the Czech Republic for this container! Read more details below in the description.

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Thanks to the brick-beige color, which can be resistant to weather conditions, the container can be well integrated into different environments and places. Its robust construction and lockability means it provides a safe and protected environment for storing materials, tools, equipment or other supplies for your needs.

Thanks to its standard size, this 20-foot container is easy to transport and place in different places, providing flexibility and possibility of use in different areas. Its AS IS condition is ideal for those looking for a cost-effective option to utilize the container structure and its space for further use.

We offer several containers of this quality for immediate collection, for example this one: Discarded container 6 meters AS IS

The AS IS quality 20ft discarded container is a safe, durable and useful structure for storage, conversion and other alternative uses. Its brick-beige color gives it an aesthetic appearance and the ability to easily integrate into different environments. With its standard size and robust construction, this container provides flexibility and usability at an affordable price. Regardless of your specific needs, this disposal container can be a great solution for securing and protecting your materials or light equipment.


Decommissioned shipping containers, in the “AS IS” category, represent containers that have reached the end of their service life in maritime transport and have subsequently been decommissioned. This category means that the containers are offered in their existing condition without any additional modification or renovation.

These discarded shipping containers may have varying degrees of wear and signs of use depending on their history and length of service. They may contain minor cosmetic defects, surface scratches or other signs of wear. However, despite their shortcomings, these containers are still functional and can be used for various purposes, such as the storage of inexpensive types of goods, the storage of materials, the construction of shelters or even as a basis for the creation of new spaces.

As “AS IS” containers are offered at a lower price than new or refurbished containers, they are a popular choice for those looking for an affordable and functional solution to their storage or transport needs. Although they may have certain shortcomings in terms of cosmetic appearance, these containers can still provide a long-term reliable and efficient solution in many industrial and logistics areas.


A standard 20-foot shipping container has the following dimensions:

Length: 6.058 meters

Width: 2,438 meters

Height: 2,591 meters

As for the load capacity of these containers, they usually have a load capacity of between 24,000 to 28,000 kg, but this can vary depending on the specific type and condition of the discarded container.

The volume of a 20-foot shipping container is approximately 33.2 m³. The container itself weighs around 2 tons.

However, it is important to note that different containers may have slightly different dimensions, capacity and volume depending on their specifications and features given by the manufacturer. These data are always written on the door of each container.


20-foot containers are commonly used for a variety of purposes outside of sea transportation. These include, for example, this possible use (obviously considering the condition and quality of the container)


Containers are often used for temporary or permanent storage of various materials, goods or equipment. They can serve as storage units for businesses, construction projects, farms or even individuals. It offers great options for storing work tools, garden equipment, building materials and others. For better organization of the work space, we recommend purchasing: a hanging shelf rack for a shipping container.

Construction industry

Discarded containers are also often used in the construction industry. They can serve as a basis for modular constructions, to connect buildings, for container garden houses, workshops


Containers can be used for horticultural purposes, such as vertical gardens or greenhouses. They can also be used to create outdoor seating or houses.


20-foot containers that have been decommissioned from shipping can be used in agriculture for a number of innovative purposes that can bring efficiency and sustainability to the agricultural sector. Here are some ways these containers can be used in agriculture:

Storage of feed in a shipping container

Individual containers can be used for safe and protected storage of animal feed. Thanks to their solid construction and the possibility of closing, optimal conditions for food storage can be ensured.

In the event that you purchase 2 containers of the same dimensions for outdoor use, for example in agriculture, you will surely appreciate the additional possibility of creating immediate storage spaces using shelters between the shipping containers.

Thanks to these sheds, you get huge outdoor covered storage spaces of large dimensions, which can be implemented in a few days without the need for any masonry construction, building permits and the like.

Another big advantage is that you can easily dismantle these shelters within 1-2 days if needed, or even move them to another place with the containers as needed. Shipping containers thus offer a huge variety of storage spaces.

Housing animals in a shipping container

Containers can serve as a space for temporary or permanent housing of animals. After modifications and installation of the necessary equipment, and of course the necessary air vents, a comfortable and safe environment for animals can be created, which is not only variable and relocatable, but also solves your immediate housing needs without the need for construction and building permits.

Roofed spaces and shelters from shipping containers

Containers can be connected to create roofed spaces or roofed shelters for animals or material storage. This can create a functional and purposeful environment for various activities on the farm.

Modular configuration

Containers can be connected and modified into a variety of modular structures that allow flexible arrangements for different needs. In this way, the space can be easily adapted to specific requirements and developments on the farm, be it new animals, increased storage capacity or other specific needs.

The modular configuration thus enables efficient use of space and increases flexibility and the possibility of expanding agricultural operations. This approach also makes it easier to move the entire structure to another location should it be necessary to change location or adapt operations to new needs.

Overall, the modular configuration of discarded containers gives farmers the ability to intelligently and efficiently optimize space and resources for animals and storage.


The price is for one container. Shipping is not included in the price of the container. A crane is needed to fold the container, which the customer provides himself. Loading the container at the depot is already included in the price.

We have a special offer for you: if you buy two pieces of 8′, 10′ or 20′ or one piece of 40′ or 45′ at the same time, you get free shipping of a shipping container within the Czech Republic. This offer does not apply to shipping containers with modifications!

If you’re planning on larger storage spaces, this free shipping offer is definitely worth it. The offer is only valid for the delivery of both containers to the same destination at the same time. Therefore, it is not possible to deliver the containers to a different location or stages for free.

Transport of only one piece of container within the Czech Republic up to size 20′ is €140 without VAT = €170 including VAT.

Outside the territory of the Czech Republic, it is necessary to request transport individually according to the destination.

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A reliable importer of shipping containers on the market since 2016. In our offer you will find new shipping containers for sale, used storage containers, reefer containers and discarded shipping containers. We offer one way shipping containers, used shipping containers after multiple journeys, and custom-made special containers such as container modular houses. The price in advertisements for used shipping containers is always for 1 piece.

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Used shipping containers

The types and sizes of shipping containers differ mainly in their length, height and opening methods. For information on the dimensions of specific shipping containers, see our detailed table with individual types and dimensions of shipping containers.

We offer several different qualities of shipping containers. The best-selling shipping containers are AS IS shipping containers, which are discarded shipping containers, which are the most sold shipping containers. Followed by used shipping containers Cargo Worthy with a valid CSC certificate, new IICL 6 one-way shipping containers, and IICL 5 and CIC shipping containers after multiple trips with a CSC certificate.

In our offer you will find: storage containers, construction container, container modular houses, sanitary containers, refeer containers, tanks or a garage from a shipping container.

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Rental of a shipping container, rental of office containers or construction containers is possible with us for short-term and long-term rental.

We provide container rental only in the Czech Republic. On request, we can also provide transport to the location, including container assembly. In addition to dry storage containers, we also offer the rental of refeer containers, construction container, sanitary containers and container sets.

Shipping containers - spare parts

We offer all accessories and spare parts for the shipping container. Locks for shipping containers, eyelets for shipping containers, padlocks for containers and other additional assortments at great prices. We normally have spare parts for containers in stock, which can be sent immediately. The quantity in stock is always on request. You can find the offer of spare parts for containers here: spare parts for shipping container

If you need feet to transfer a shipping container with a load capacity of 34t - order at Accessories for shipping containers such as shelves, doors, windows and more can be found at this separate link: Quick Fit container accessories.

You can arrange sale of a shipping container or the purchase of a shipping container in the EU yourself on the largest international advertising portal in the EU

Shipping containers for sale

Our best selling shipping containers are: 20' storage container and 40 feet shipping containers categories: AS IS discarded containers, 20' Cargo Worthy containers

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Size of shipping containers - up to 3m: 10' shipping containers / 6m shipping containers: 20' storage container / Shipping container 9m long: 30' transport containers / Shipping containers 12m long: 40' sea containers / Containers over 12m: 45' shipping container

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Use of shipping containers

The use of shipping containers is wide. The main purpose of using shipping containers is of course their use in maritime transport. They are used for transporting goods between continents or countries and are often used for storing goods and storing bicycles, cars, televisions, iPhones, mobile phones, skis, clothes, sports equipment, motorbikes, machines and garden equipment. Recently, shipping containers have also become popular for wide use in the construction industry, where beautiful container houses, container extensions are built from several pieces, and a shipping container garage is also very popular. In addition, the containers are suitable for use as: warehouse, cabin, cottage, garden house, kiosk or sales stand.

Countries offered for sale of shipping containers: Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Austria, Greece, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Italy and others.

The information in the text may differ from the exact specification of a specific container, the image and description of the container are indicative. Specification of the container will therefore be clarified by e-mail or telephone before the conclusion of the contract. The text presented on this page is therefore not a proposal to conclude a contract.