A dry storage container is the most common and best-selling type of shipping container, both in the shipping industry and for other storage purposes. It has a solid metal structure that is designed to transport, store and protect goods during sea transport. It can easily be attached to cargo vessels or placed on other containers. Handling it with the help of a forklift or a crane is not difficult.

Dry storage container
Dry storage container

Most commonly, a storage container is sold in 20′ and 40′ feet lengths. This type of container is equipped with a lockable door that provides security and protection against unauthorized access.

Inside, it can also be equipped with support systems that prevent movement and damage to the load during transport.

Storage shipping containers

they are often used in various industries such as logistics, trade and manufacturing. Here they are used for the safe transport and storage of various types of goods. They are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the marine environment.

It is not only suitable for shipping, but is widely used nowadays for various purposes of storing “dry goods”.

It is the best and fastest choice for safe storage, e.g. at construction sites or sales events. However, it has recently become very popular for the possibility of making a garage of a shipping container or as a container houses.

A storage container is the best and fastest option for safe storage on construction sites and in companies. It is also ideal for inexpensive and quick expansion of storage capacities. Shipping containers offer a wide variety of sizes and designs, and you can see their detailed overview in types of shipping containers.

You can buy DRY STORAGE CONTAINER in the following sizes:

 skladovací kontejnerSTORAGE CONTAINER – dry storage container (general purpose)
 External dimensions (m)Internal dimensions (m)Dimensions doors (m)Weight kgCapacity
CONTAINER TYPElengthwideheightlengthwideheightwideheightcontainermaximum load capacitym3
5′2,21,62,4452,041,52,21,948 70033306,4
6′1,8291,961,921,6781,8721,7351,949 60044005,45
20′ camouflage6,0582,4382,5915,8982,3522,3932,342,2822502826033