We offer a shipping container garage tailored to your needs. As a standard, a container garage is made from a 20′ or 40′ storage shipping container. A mobile garage is a great and cheap alternative to a classic brick garage. Which can also be moved if necessary.

We manufacture container garages directly in Třebíč, where we have the necessary moving equipment for shipping containers and all the necessary equipment for a custom-made mobile garage. Project documentation is part of the garage.


Therefore, leave the conversion of a garage from a shipping container to professionals from the company

For mobile garages, we use Hörmann sectional garage doors as standard. Inside the finished mobile garage, it is advisable to place a load-bearing carpet, which, like other accessories for shipping containers, which we supply and prepare for the garage to measure.

A container garage is a great and quick option for every car owner, which is cheaper than a classic brick garage.

A garage made of a container is one of the possibilities of using a shipping container as part of the adaptation to living or working spaces.


The storage shipping containers are made of durable profiled sheet metal and have a solid steel construction that provides excellent weather resistance while providing a decent level of security. It is such a great and durable shelter for your car.

A garage is essentially a necessity for car owners these days.Eespecially if you have an expensive car, a vintage car or simply love your car so much that you don’t want to expose it to the cold, rain or wind and want it to stay in good condition for a long time.

But finding a garage is not easy. There is a great shortage of them and building a garage is not exactly a cheap matter. You basically have to account for a separate building, which is a small house with a very expensive garage door. Regardless of building permits and other matters.


But there is a solution to get such a garage quickly and cheaply. Thanks to the storage shipping shipping container. These are made in many different sizes.

Storage containers for use as a shipping container garage are custom-made. You can choose the size of the shipping container and the special modifications you want to have in the garage. We definitely recommend making a shipping container garage from a IICL 6 shipping container type. Both for visual and functional reasons of the garage conversion.

It is then up to you to find a suitable place for the new garage and strengthen the base where the shipping container garage will be located.

The construction of a garage from a shipping container takes several weeks. Container garage – you can read about the production here.

We will always inform you of the exact delivery date of the garage you have ordered after sending a specific order.