REEFER CONTAINER, also known as a freezer container or a refrigerated container, is a specially designed container that allows the exact temperature of the interior space to be maintained for the transportation needs of goods that require refrigeration or temperature control.

Reefer containers are equipped with cooling units that allow maintaining a constant temperature. Standard basic units cool or freeze in the range from -25 °C to +25 °C. Depending on the requirements of the load. Freezing Reefer containers “Thermo king” have a temperature range of -30°C to +35°C. But there are also “Super freezer” containers that have a temperature range of up to -60°C. This temperature control is ensured by means of compressors, condensers, fans and insulation, which prevent thermal exchanges with the external environment.

Refeer container
Refeer container

What are reefer containers used for?

Reefer containers usually have the standard dimensions of a 20′ RF or 40′ reefer container, just like other types of shipping containers. They are equipped with internal eyelets for securing cargo and ventilation holes for air circulation in the container. These containers are widely used for the transportation of food, pharmaceutical products, flowers, cosmetics and other goods that require maintaining a constant temperature during transportation.

However, they are often used as short-term or long-term storage of these products. E.g. during promotional events, during plant growth, where a constant temperature must be maintained, etc. Renting a reefer container for freezing or cooling is a great option in this case.

However, it is important to note that reefer containers require access to electrical power to operate the refrigeration unit. At the port, in the transport truck or other facilities, a connection is needed to connect the container to the electrical network. During road transport, a generator or portable cooling units are often used to maintain the temperature.

Composition of the reefer container

Container consists of two parts – the loading space for the cargo, container and the aggregate.

The container is made of a solid steel structure with a thermally insulated wall of the sedvic type (polyurethane foam). The walls are 10-12 cm thick. Voltage CEE 380V / 50 HZ, input 6 – 10 kW/h, cooling liquid R134a. Double door with rubber seal and 4 bar closing. Valid CSC plaque. 5 pole socket. Built-in 32A socket – depending on the manufacturer, these informations may always differ. That is why it is necessary to find out about the equipment of each container before purchasing it.

Shipping containers offer great variability in dimensions and design. You can see their detailed overview in the section on shipping containers.

What is the consumption of the cooling – freezing container?

It is important to always be aware of the conditions under which you will store the goods in the container and what the surrounding outdoor temperatures will be. In the summer months, for example, it depends whether the container will be exposed to constant sunlight or whether the container will be in a darker, shady place. But it also depends on what you will store in the container and how difficult the goods are to cool or freeze. It also matters whether a cooling temperature will be maintained or the goods will be frozen, how many times will you go to the container during the day, how many employees will be there, will the door be opened and closed constantly or will you open the container once a week?

It is also important whether you open only 1 side of the door when passing through, or whether you need to enter the container with a truck and it will therefore be necessary to open both doors to their full extent. In the case of frequent entry, you can equip the door entrance with so-called PVC slats, which will also keep the temperature more stable than if the container is left wide open. All of this will affect the daily consumption, therefore it is impossible to clearly state a figure that can be followed.

You can buy a REEFER CONTAINER in the following sizes:

 refeer containerREEFER CONTAINER -cooling / freezing container
 External dimensions (m)Internal dimensions (m)Dimensions doors (m)Weight kgCapacity
CONTAINER TYPElengthwideheightlengthwideheightwideheightcontainermaximum load capacitym3