Shipping containers after multiple journeys

The IICL 5 means that the shipping containers achieve a superior condition after multiple journeys and are evaluated as very good. Containers with this designation have minimal signs of damage and deterioration. And still meet the strict IICL standards and requirements for safety and functionality.

IICL 5 shipping containers are slightly more worn than those under IICL 6. They should still be watertight and functional. Although they may have some minor evidence of use and wear. These may be containers that have only been used for a few trips. They are usually really good quality and only show a few signs of wear such as pitting or rust spots. The containers have a valid CSC label for both sea and rail transport.

shipping containers after multiple journeys
Shipping containers after multiple journeys IICL5

Evaluation of the condition of containers is carried out by various standards and organizations. But the IICL 5 marking is generally considered high quality and an indicator of careful care of the container and its maintenance.

Multi-trip shipping containers marked IICL 5 or CIC

IICL 5 containers are often chosen for sea freight where the container is required to be in very good condition. These containers provide customers with a higher level of assurance that their cargo will be safe and protected from external influences.

Even these shipping containers are often chosen for shipping container rental or sale, precisely because of their good condition and more friendly price.


When you buy shipping containers after multiple journeys with the IICL 5 mark, you can be sure that the container is in really good condition. And it is also suitable for international ship and train transport thanks to a valid CSC label.

The IICL 5 marking for shipping containers is also a standard for evaluating and classifying the condition of containers. It was created by the Institute of International Container Lessors (IICL).

Use of IICL 5 shipping containers outside of transport

IICL 5 shipping containers are used in addition to sea and rail transport for the following purposes:

Shipping container for storage with the IICL 5 marking. It is also suitable for those who want to be sure of the good condition of the stored goods, which will not be damaged in any way by external influences.

An extension from a shipping container is suitable, for example, as an addition to a family house. A garden house with seating and similar purposes where you still need a quality shipping container that is suitable for further modifications. At the same time, it is water resistant and has minimal signs of wear.

The IICL 5 shipping shipping container is also well used for promotional events, music festivals and others where a higher quality container is also required.

An alternative to the IICL 5 shipping container is the CIC shipping container.