A container garage is a great solution for car storage. When converting a container to a container garage, several steps need to be taken:

Select the size and type of storage shipping container

There are several different sizes and types of shipping containers. For garage purposes, a standard 20-foot or 40-foot storage shipping container is usually most commonly used. It is important to choose a container that is spacious enough to accommodate the vehicle and other necessary equipment, if, for example, you are planning a shelving wall next to the car + you must take into account the passage and the possibility of opening the door. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the frames for fitting the sliding doors and cut-outs for the given openings.

Container preparation and installation

We prepare a garage from a shipping container to measure according to the customer’s specific requirements and specifications. We carry out special modifications of shipping containers directly at our premises in Třebíč, where we have all the necessary equipment and techniques for shipping container transportation and installation. Also due to the fact that handling the container requires professional and trained personnel.


Specific modifications

Some of the adjustments that need to be made as part of converting a shipping container into a garage include installing garage doors and driveways, vents and window cutouts for natural lighting. It is also possible to secure the container against thieves, prepare the electrical installation for lighting, etc.

Floor and access to container garage

A concrete floor or paving can be installed to ensure durability and protection of the vehicle. But it is ideal to use a weighted carpet. It is equally important to provide convenient access to the garage, for example using a ramp.

Electrical installation

If access to electricity is required, appropriate electrical connections must be provided. It is important to ensure that these installations are carried out professionally and ensure safety and reliability. For which a subsequent revision of the electrical installation is required based on the technical documentation.

Converting a shipping container into a garage provides an affordable and durable option for vehicle storage and protection. It is advisable to consult local building regulations and building permit requirements before carrying out modifications to ensure compliance with legal and safety standards.