The PALLET WIDE container is a classic type of storage container with the only difference being that the width of the container is 2.462m compared to the classic outer width of the container of 2.438m. So it can fit 2 EUR pallets next to each other.

The container has a solid metal structure that is designed to transport, store and protect goods during sea transport. It is waterproof and also seals well so that the goods inside the container are not damaged during transport. They are easy to stack on top of each other and next to each other, and handling them is usually done with the help of a forklift or a crane.

pallet wide container
Pallet wide container can fit 2 EUR pallets

PALLET WIDE container – the width of a 2 EUR pallet is most commonly sold in lengths of 20’HC and 40’HC.

This type of container is wider than a standard storage container. So that it fits 2 EUR pallets side by side from the narrower part of the container.

Even in this case, the container is equipped with a lockable door on one narrow side of the container. They ensure security and protection against unauthorized access.

Container width for 2 euro pallets

it is often used for transporting goods on pallets. The name of this type of container is derived from pallets.

These containers are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the marine environment, so you can count on them to last a long time.

They are widely used for various purposes of storing goods transported on pallets.

Pallet wide container is the best and fastest choice for safe storage of goods on EUR pallets. Shipping containers offer great variability in dimensions and design. You can see their detailed overview in the section on shipping containers.

You can buy the PALLET WIDE container in the following sizes:

 pallet wide containerPALLET WIDE CONTAINER – width for 2x EURO pallet
 External dimensions (m)Internal dimensions (m)Dimensions doors (m)Weight kgCapacity
CONTAINER TYPElengthwideheightlengthwideheightwideheightcontainermaximum load capacitym3
40’HC PW12,1922,4622,89612,12,4382,6952,4162,58546302937079
45’HC PW13,7162,4622,89613,5562,4382,6952,422,58448602914089,2

How many pallets can be placed in a classic container and a pallet wide container?

Storing pallets in a pallet wide container