A drip tray container, also known as a collection container. Is a special type of container that is designed to capture and collect hazardous substances that leak from various sources. This type of container is often used in industrial or manufacturing environments where liquid spills are likely to occur.

Drip tray container
Drip tray container

These can be dangerous substances such as oils, fuel, chemicals, etc. Drip tray containers are placed under machines, tanks or pipes to catch possible leaks and prevent the spread of liquids into the surroundings. This tank serves to protect the environment and prevent environmental contamination.

These containers usually contain depressions or tubs that are used to contain leaking liquids. Many drip tray containers are also equipped with drain valves or collection tubes that allow for easy removal of trapped liquids.


Drip tray containers are an important part of the safety measure in industrial environments. So as to minimize the risk of environmental pollution, accidents or fires caused by leaks of dangerous substances.

Drip tray containers have a fixed or separate tank that is located below the container itself and is used to catch and collect spills. This tank is usually made of metal and is designed to be chemical resistant and withstand heavy loads.

Thanks to this tank, it is ensured that possible leaks of dangerous substances do not penetrate into the ground, water or other surrounding environment. Drip tray containers are often used in the industrial and chemical sector, where safe transport and handling of hazardous substances is essential.

Drip tray containers are most often available on the market in the size of 20′. Which is a container corresponding to a length of approx. 6,058m.

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Drip tray - collecting container
Drip tray – collecting container